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The Pomeroy Story

From Lady Gaga to Ditmars Blvd.

Executive Chef Bo O’Connor has always dreamed of having her own kitchen. After being adopted from Korea at the age of six, she grew up in New York in an Irish-American family, who encouraged her interest in food. “I was super opinionated about what I ate, and my dad would read me The New York Times Dining section growing up,” she says. After a stint of college in Indiana and a period working as a personal shopper, she decided to turn to her original passion. “My dad’s a lawyer, my mom is a nursing professor, and [cooking as a profession] had just never occurred to me,” she says. She got a feel for the industry-first peeling potatoes at a restaurant in Washington Heights, and then moving through a series of different restaurant jobs, before heading out on Lady Gaga’s “Art Pop” tour.

Though her new venture is focused on comfort, the “Art Pop” tour taught O’Connor to cook healthy, energizing yet comforting cuisine. “On tour, because it’s so strenuous and exhausting, she was particular about eating a certain way,” O’Connor says of Gaga. “Instead of eating fried rice that’s not great for you, I’d do a quinoa stir fry with good protein and really good vegetables. Instead of a regular burger, maybe a turkey burger with sweet potato fries that are baked and not fried.”

The prep work also required flexibility: “I had two working travel cases of pots and pans, a reduction burner – just in case I couldn’t use a real kitchen – and dry goods they might not have abroad, like chickpea flour,” O’Connor says.

The menu at The Pomeroy focuses on tried-and-true comfort classics O’Connor has been cooking her whole life. A favorite is the fried chicken, which “has its own section [on the menu] and is called ‘Chicken Fried’ because my favorite song is ‘Chicken Fried’ by Zac Brown Band,” she laughs. “So many people are doing fried chicken right now, and the funny thing is I’ve had this menu set for almost a year, and during that time you’ve seen all these fried chicken places.” Hers stands apart in that she “really wanted everybody to get one piece of each” part of the bird, so the orders come in half-bird and whole bird selections.

Other favorite dishes include an avocado toast with grapefruit and thinly sliced serrano peppers on Eli’s bread, and kale and brussels sprout salad, ingredients she says “again have become a huge thing. But kale is actually one of my favorite vegetables.” The bar will feature eight seasonal drinks, takes on classic cocktails, which are named after places and streets in Queens.

Executive Chef

Bo O'Connor

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"We really want to make it for Astorians."

“We’re not trying to be super fancy. If you want to get dressed up on a Friday night and wear heels and come here, great; if you want to wear yoga pants, great too.”